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Concept Korea III - Fall 2011

This post is long overdue but better late than never. Back in February amongst my running around NYFW like a headless chicken there was a chance to relax if but for a minute at the Concept Korea presentation. Last season, they held a highly anticipated fashion show at the largest venue at Lincoln Center, but this time around they had a more intimate presentation setting. The Republic of Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism partnered with IMG in a partnership to help build American and Korean relationships, exchange ideas, exposure, commerce, trading and build competitive businesses. What does this mean? After passing rigorous screenings, Korean designers who made the cut are given the opportunity to represent their country on an international fashion level - giving them exposure to influential media in addition to 250 international buyers who were invited to attend the showcase.

The designers/brands who made the list for Concept Korea III were Doho, Choi Bum Suk for General Idea, Lie Sang Bong and Steve J & Yoni P. The event wasn't overly crowded, had plenty of room to maneuverer and capture some great photos and was a chance to catch my breath. Although there were some Korean inspired appetizers and wine being served, I never had the chance to try any as I was working hard to get around the party-people and get from one presentation area to the next. Since during NYFW I eat with my eyes, I was okay :).

Doho - by Do Ho
Concept Korea (7)Concept Korea (8)
The Doho Fall collection was all about tonal textures textures and prints. The models looked perfectly cozy swathed in modern yet feminine layers, chunky knits and great fur/leather outerwear. Although the fitted leather and over-the-knee boots added some sexy elements, there was softness in the drapes of tops and skirts that is in perfect harmony with how women today want to dress. The taffeta leopard anorak looks very now without being overtly trendy and there was a slight Gothic romance feel to the collection that makes it very beautiful. It's fashion that is accessible and for most part very understandable.

Concept Korea (16)Concept Korea (24)Concept Korea (3)

General Idea - by Choi Bum Suk

Concept Korea (18)Concept Korea (23)

General Idea is definitely not for every man but for a man who likes to be a little bit flashier, isn't afraid of bright colors and likes the whimsical and outdoorsy look - this is the perfect solution. While I wasn't particularly sold on the puffer style leg warmers, this collection actually featured a few meggings and they are meggings done right. Layered under shorts and cropped pants, these don't look at all out of place or uncomfortable because they carefully kept any possible offensive man bits nicely under wraps. The collection also featured fair isle knit which looked positively adorable and some colorful camo for a fresh and funked up look. While I might have a hard time convincing some fellows to wear some of these entire looks, I think that some of the outerwear in this collection is pretty standout! My absolute fave is the high neck zip front jacket on the below left.

Concept Korea (6)Concept Korea (19)

Lie Sang Bong

Concept Korea (1)Concept Korea (21)

Lie Sang Bong might have been the headlining designer of the evening. His pieces are carefully crafted with meticulous attention-to-detail. His presentation set was a revolving runway where models would walk down the runway one at a time while all the others would stand to the side and then repeat. It was a very clever way to show off the garments in motion and yet provide everyone with the opportunity to admire the details up close and personal. Asymmetry, modern angles, bold color block pieces and dramatic silhouettes are the hallmarks of Lie Sang Bong. While I was admiring the sequin disco leggings, draped cape knit and dramatic hooded jacket, Lani was falling hard for the leather asymmetric color block piece. This collection also made me think that I need some long slinky skirts in my closet. The Lie Sang Bong woman is sophisticated, bold and graceful.

Concept Korea (10)Concept Korea (12)Concept Korea (14)

Concept Korea (17)Concept Korea (9)

Steve J & Yoni P

Concept Korea (2)Concept Korea (4)

Steve J & Yoni P was definitely aimed and a younger funkier market than Doho or Lie Sang Bong. With crackle paint leather, graphic tees, micro minis, toggle jackets and graphic color blocked knits this collection had the potential to be too much design too fast, fortunately the colors were kept simple and the balance between all these elements was just right. My personal faves were the toggle jackets and the graphic color block maxi skirt - simply amazing. I also couldn't keep my eyes off the crackle leather looks as they were sort of electrifyingly eye-catching.

Concept Korea (5)Concept Korea (13)Concept Korea (15)

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