Friday, March 11, 2011

Toms x The Row

Building upon the Olsen twin's empire, their upscale line The Row will be doing a collaboration with TOMS. I first heard about this about a month ago and was super stoked - TOMS are one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes. Simple, clean and comfortable with a wicked cause to support - what more could you ask for!
Plaid, herringbone and wool/cashmere blends will form the base of the classic TOMS shoe and will retail between $98-$150 a pop. While on the pricier side - TOMS philanthropic core remains intact - every pair sold = one pair donated to a child in need.

Images courtesy of Refinery29

TOMS are something that I never regret picking up since I know there is a direct correlation between my purchase and proving a pair of shoes for a kid. We all spend money on shoes - so why not let some of it go towards a good cause.

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