Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now Wearing...

Tonight I'm DJing with Crooked Disco's Kestar, which reminded me of some outfit photos I've been meaning to post. These were taken at a Crooked Disco a few weeks back.
Black & white print dress - Gestuz
Long sleeve & tights - Uniqlo
Boots - Kelsi Dagger
Belt - Forever 21
Mini crossbody - Kooba
I can't believe it's almost April and still cold, though by now I should know that New York isn't ever completely in the clear until May. I think Uniqlo Heattech saved me this winter. I layered it under almost every outfit to make dresses from other seasons more winter-friendly. Note to self, stock up again next winter. A few of my leggings and shirts are starting to lose their stretch from being worn and washed so much.
If you're around tonight, stop by The Cove in Williamsburg. Kestar and I will be spinning indie dance, nu-disco, electro, funk and classics starting at 10PM. Well priced drinks, 20+ beers to choose from, no cover, and some of the best music on a Thursday night in Brooklyn! For Facebook invite, click here.

1 comment:

Six Six Sick said...

Love the Gestuz dress, they're one of my favorites!

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