Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now Wearing...

These photos were taken last week before the bitter cold kicked in. I can still wear this coat, but not without lots of layers! The fur collar is great, but deceiving. The coat itself is actually just cotton and quite weak. To toughen it up, I've been wearing a thin nylon jacket from Uniqlo and cardigans underneath.
Funny story about this coat, it was totally an impulse purchase. I stopped by the Reiss shop in West Village during Lucky Shops, and I wasn't as discerning as I usually am. I ended up dropping the most I've ever spent on a single item on this coat! I got a 10% off as past of the shopping event, but let's be real that's nothing, just covers tax.
I thought about returning it, but didn't realize til later that the return policy at Reiss is exchange or store credit only. I had serious buyers remorse (near tears remorse) until I started wearing it everyday. It fits me nicely, so I'm happy. If I could turn back time, I probably would have picked a warmer coat for the price, but whatever, live and learn?
Fur collar zipper coat - Reiss
Black button up - Cheap Monday
Marbled pleather skirt - Urban Outfitters
Black lace up boots - Kelsi Dagger Eva
Lighter top ring - Monserat de Lucca Defy

Photos by our good friend James S. Rand


Monique said...

you look great, i especially like those boots!

tz said...

I love this blog's OOTD posts. Always very New York, and very effortless chic.

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