Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Rebecca Minkoff

Earlier tonight I stopped by the Minkoff sample. There wasn't any line outside but man the store was crammed. Since this was the VIP night, they were serving champagne at the back of the venue which was nice. There were a couple of racks of Minkoff's ready to wear line at the back and the rest of the sale housed bags, bags and more bags.
Bags will set you back between two to three hundred (the infamous Mini Morning After Bag is going for $303 and the MAB Clutch is going for $182). There were lots of cross body zippered clutches and multiple colors in most styles of bags.
I was hoping to see some Ben Minkoff at the sale but no luck. Hopefully next time!
In general the aisles would have been fine to move around in but the crowd made it difficult. Even when looking around, I kept getting shoved from the back!
The checkout line was lengthy but moved quickly (took roughly about 15 minutes) and just as I was about to pay, I saw Rebecca near the front chatting with a customer. I wanted to go say hi but didn't want to have to go back to the end of the line after so I opted to stay put at the front of the line.

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