Saturday, November 20, 2010

H&M Lanvin: Launch

Today marked the official launch of the Lanvin collection for H&M. After a long week at work, I woke up at 6:00 am, dragged myself out of bed, put on on a hat and made my way down to SoHo. I was contemplating the night before which of the five locations to hit up and landed on SoHo since it's usually dead on the weekends during the mornings.

I arrived just before 7:00am and made my way to the back of the line. I was somewhere around the 70 person mark in line which was much better than I thought! It was pretty chilly outside but luckily, H&M was serving complimentary coffee and croissants to everyone willing to brave the weather for a piece of Lanvin.
They were also giving out Lanvin totes equipped with a complementary red H&M x Lanvin scarf!

As the clock struck 8am, I headed right for the men's section and ended up grabbing everything I could carry and ran to a quieter section of the store to try things on. While the SoHo location didn't house the full Lanvin line, all of the core pieces were available (vest and sweatpants excluded). The men's merchandise was quickly swiped up and by 8:30am not much was left.

After cashing out with my gear, I made my way downstairs to the ladies section. My allotted time was 9:05am so the timing ended up working nicely. Overall, I though that there were some nice pieces in the collection but the prices for the dresses were definitely a bit hefty. The majority of dresses contained a lot of unfinished edges which probably helped in controlling some production costs.
A few things that flew off the racks included the yellow one-shouldered dress, purple one-shouldered dress and the chandelier necklace (in both red and pink). I managed to pick up a couple things for some friends and quickly made my way out of the madness.

A little later on in the day I also made my way over to Herald Square where two of the H&M stores were also carrying the collection. The menswear in both stores was in better shape than SoHo with some button-up shirts, the odd blazer here and there and merino cardigans still on the racks.

If you didn't get a chance to check out the line, you might see a few pieces lingering around next week from customer returns.

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Scientific Housewife said...

I was excited about this but after seeing the prices, my excitement faded, lol

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