Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Craft Time & Cookies with Rebecca Minkoff

Last week I had a chance to escape the blur that has been the last month to sit down and relax for a moment. There have been more sample sales and events than I can count. I’m not complaining, it’s been wonderful in so many ways but just been feeling a bit frazzled and forgetting to take the time to enjoy the moments. * Life has become a series of Eat, Sleep, Work, Shop, Blog, Repeat.Crafting at Minkoff (19)Anyways, sitting down on a Monday evening with Lani, some other bloggers, Rebecca Minkoff and her wonderful staff gave me a chance to take in a DEEP BREATH and sit still for a glorious couple of hours. It sort of also set my heart in a minor panic mode as I was icing Holiday Cookies, thinking is it really the Holidays already? Where did 2010 go? And do I really have to start thinking about buying gifts and cards already? Eek! Not sure I’m quite ready to face that yet.erin's cookiesTubes of frosting, bowls of sprinkles and edible stars soon held my concentration captive as I attempted to artfully decorate some sugar cookies. I learned shortly afterwards that as much as I like crafting, I am no pastry chef! Not my finest creations, but still tasty nonetheless. I wouldn’t mind a re-do or perhaps I should stick to decorating cupcakes!

Crafting at Minkoff (43)Crafting at Minkoff (39)

Peep some of the fun cookies that others in attendance created!

Minkoff GiftablesWe then switched gears to look at the Holiday Gift Collection that I mentioned earlier today that comes in Camel, Red, Purple, Green Snake, Green Metallic and Black. I had such fun looking at all the styles and decided that my favorite was the houndstooth multi zipper mini side purse while Lani picked out the Studded Green Snake to take a picture with to create a Holiday card.Minkoff Giftables 2Minkoff Giftables 4Minkoff Giftables 5Minkoff Giftables 6

Little did I know that Rebecca Minkoff would later generously gift us for the Holidays with the styles we picked out for our photo op.

Crafting at Minkoff (2)Crafting at Minkoff (20)

Crafting at Minkoff (26)Crafting at Minkoff (40)So Lani and I began to craft holiday cards and Rebecca Minkoff came and joined us in the action. We talked about TV Shows and vacation destinations as we all got down and dirty with glitter glue, rhinestones and rik rak galore. Ms Minkoff is incredibly kind,incredibly real and so down-to-earth. She gives me a sense of being the fresh scrubbed girl-next-door. But she is also undeniably beautiful and glamorous too.

Minkoff Card in ProgressRebecca Minkoff Launches Shoes Spring 2011 Pebble Leather Platform Pump

Mid progress, Lani looked up and noticed that Ms Minkoff’s card bared a strikingly similar resemblance to her new footwear line for Spring 2010! Guess you can’t deny a designer’s aesthetic whatever her medium!Crafting at Minkoff (36)Minkoff LaniCrafting at Minkoff (52)

Check out our finished creations above! Rebecca Minkoff’s (Top), Lani’s (Middle) and mine (Bottom Left)

Crafting at Minkoff (35)As I am heading out the door, Ms Minkoff stops what she is doing to make sure that I have the gift box too. She personally helps me find the right sized box to take home and open my new gift when I need a cheer up. That little tiny action of her stopping and shuffling through boxes, sort of stole my heart. She’s a designer who cares, who’s into the details and not afraid to be hands-on. The perfect end to a perfect evening. A little glimpse at the character of one of my favorite New York accessory designers.

*On a side note, I’ll be doing plenty of chilling out soon enough as I’m heading to London, England for 9 days of holidays at the week’s end. I’ll try to keep up with the blogging but won’t be around to cover the sales. If you have any tips or fave places in London, let me know!


jun said...

Gorgeous pictures and cards!

shana said...

lucky! a rebecca minkoff bag has been on my wish list for years. it's lovely to know that she's such a sweet person.

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