Thursday, October 14, 2010

Phones & Fun at Windows Open House

Earlier this week, we were invited to Windows' annual Open House event. It was held at an event space on the west side, the same space where Sally LaPointe had her NYFW debut. The open house was a fun and interesting event for me. I'm not a techie, but I love to play with new and shiny things. And I'm always excited about things that will make my life easier or more fun!

I've been curious about the Windows 7 Phone, and I was especially excited to check it out after seeing their cute commercial. Kudos to the ad agency behind that spot.

Windows 7 operating system was super smooth and seemed pretty easy to use. The graphics actually reminded me a bit of the Microsoft KIN (RIP) only way better! I imagine having a Windows 7 phone would make it easy to keep up with email and friends with Outlook and its social networking capabilities.
There were three Windows 7 phones at the event - Samsung, HTC and LG. My favorite of the bunch was the Samsung Focus. The screen was huge, and the phone itself was impressively thin and lightweight. I also liked the HTC and its extendable speaker. I was initially excited about the real keyboard on the LG, but I actually found it extremely hard to type with.

The other highlight of the night was KINECT for Xbox 360. I felt like I aged myself by saying, "Wow, technology is so amazing" because aren't Millennials suppose to be hard to impress?
Naturally the first thing I thought of when I saw Kinect was Nintendo Wii. It's similar to the Wii in that it's an interactive video game that encourages you to get off the couch, but unlike any other system it doesn't require a remote! It has a head-to-toe tracking sensor. It was pretty amazing to see the outline of my body on screen and to start a game by waving my arm in the air. I played a couple different games, one were I was floating on a raft and another where I kicked and punched boxes.
There was also a dancing game that was popular with the ladies. It seemed like a fun workout!

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