Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Now Wearing...

Cynthia Rowley for Band-Aid. It was the only band-aid in my first aid kit big enough to cover the wound.

I fell off my bike on Saturday. I was on mile 12 of 14 by the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It was right where the northbound bike lane ends. I was biking pretty fast, didn't successfully pop the curb and took a nasty spill. I tore through my leggings and shirt because I fell and skid so hard. I even scratched my glasses! Yes, I was wearing a helmet, and thank goodness!

Saturday night I couldn't walk because my knees were both so swollen, and the gashes on my left knee and chin were too fresh. But I'm back on my feet now.

Despite the fall, it was a lovely weekend. I just wish I had snapped an outfit photo before I fell. I wore a denim shirt dress with navy & white patterned leggings with tan oxfords. Those leggings are no more. The shirt I can save.

I hope to be healed and have outfit photos to share next week.


Erica said...

You're so stylish, even your band-aids are glamorous. Hope you're healing, girl.

- existenceET.blogspot.com

Caroline said...

omg .. that sounds terrible ... but at least he band-aid is super cute :) hope it heals quickly!

jennine said...

so sorry to hear you had a bike accident..but nice to see you're healing it up in style!

Celeste Hoang said...

ouch! get well soon, lani...although the band-aid is definitely looking good on you!

Karrie said...

I hope you're healing up as fast as you want to.
Take care.

Lani Love said...

thanks for the well wishes!


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