Friday, October 22, 2010

Lacoste and Earnest Sewn Team Up

Lacoste and Earnest Sewn are teaming up to launch a denim and polo line which is set to hit stores in March 2011. The denim line will be available in the majority of stores Lacoste operates in the US while the polos will be available in Earnest Sewn's Manhattan locations and in Malibu, California.

Lacoste's signature is their pique polo. While the brand has tried to expand into other areas including denim, outerwear and shoes, the iconic polo remains at the forefront of their label. Lacoste definitely has the right idea for partnering up with a company that excels in an area where they do not. Earnest pumps out premium denim with minimal embellishments or fuss which makes it a great choice to pair with Lacoste's clean aesthetic.

Image courtesy of WWD

The denim is set to incorporate existing cuts Earnest manufactures with modifications to the washes and detailing. The infamous embroidered croc will appear on upper left front pocket of the jeans along with green stitching on the rear belt loop. For men, the line will encompass two cuts in four different washes and will set you back $185-$195. For women, jeans will run between $165-$195 and will be available in three cuts and seven washes. The polos are set to appear in seven colors in a premium fabric.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the placement of the croc and would have preferred it if they moved it to the rear pocket or better yet, left it out all together. Lacoste envisages consumers sporting their polos with their jeans so having two crocs on the front of your outfit seems a bit much to me.

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