Friday, October 29, 2010

Buy: Mulberry for Target in Brooklyn

Mulberry for Target was hopelessly sold out online and in store but I stopped by the Altlantic Avenue store last night and noticed that they just re-stocked this week.

Plenty of Pebble, Patent and Leopard Crossbody bags and a few Large Pebble totes, a few patent Satchels and a lonely denim satchel were available for your snatching when I last looked.

If you wanted the mini crossbody bags though, they now have the mini pebble online again! There was only one denim mini crossbody when I checked the store last night but it was missing a screw causing the faceplate to dangle precariously.


Heather said...

Wow everything looks organized too. That Target is usually upside down and stuff is just every where!

Erin said...

i know what you mean this Target is usually a bit out of control, but sometimes they can surprise you ;-)

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