Friday, September 10, 2010

Fenton/Fallon - Men's Accessory Line

designer Dana Lorenz is introducing a new men's accessory line which is set to debut during Tim Hamilton's Redux Presentation during fashion week (on a side note - Tim Hamilton was the first American based designer to show in Men's Paris Fashion Week!). For Hamilton's presentation happening later on today, Lorenz is making variations of her leather-and-chain and enamel pieces in exclusive colors and creating pins and cuffs that will house the nicknames of the models who'll be wearing them.

According to NYMag, the line is based on the French regency and Louis XIV interiors. Leather, chains and color are incorporated into the pieces to keep things young and romantic. Best of all the line won't house a skull or anchor in their line which is nice. Men's accessory lines are already saturated with these two emblems (which I'm not a fan of) so it'll be refreshing to see something that doesn't scream "Arrrggg yee matey...Pirate-on-board!"

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the occasional skull. Take McQueen's iconic skull scarf for example - that I dig. But for some reason, I never took a liking to the universal poison symbol being worn around on a chain or on a pair of cufflinks.

McQueen Scarf shown on Glee

Personally, I think accessories are one the of the easiest ways for guys to transform any outfit. If you keep it simple and don't over accessorize - it's really difficult to screw it up and can give your look a bit of that je ne sais quoi appeal. That being said, I love accessories and am glad Lorenz is doing a line - can't wait to see it!

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