Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CFDA Tweet Up at DvF & HP Lounge

Following Fashion's Night Out I attended a CDFA Tweet Up, basically a panel where all of the attendees are bloggers and Twitter machines. The panel moderated Steven Kolb by included Harper's Bazaar accessories editor Ana Maria Pimentel and CDFA members Alexis Bittar, Philip Crangi, Dean Harris, Alejandro Ingelmo, and Albertus Swanepoel.

The event was at Diane von Furstenberg's gallery which was transformed into a high-tech lounge with the help of HP. The lounge included interactive screens which featured social media feeds and images from the runway.

I really enjoyed the panel as it was great to hear from some of my favorite accessories designers. While the designers all had different sources of inspiration, they all seemed to agree on having compulsive, restlessness desires to create and perfect.
I learned that Alexis Bittar could have been the first jewelry designer collaboration for Target, but declined because he felt it was off brand for his moderate luxury brand. Dean Harris, who has a higher price point, actually did a collection for Target, and he had a great experience and enjoyed experimenting with sterling silver.

When the designers were asked if they'd ever approached someone wearing one of their pieces, Alexis Bittar also told stories of how people usually assume he's a woman and how he's had to pull out his ID. And perhaps even more hilarious was Philip Crangi's story of how a snooty someone told him the piece was from a "Richard Crangi" and that it was "very expensive."

Philip Crangi made a point about accessories being the most personal element of your look; each piece has a story. So true!
And when asked about accessories styling tips Harper's Bazaar editor Ana replied, "If you can figure a way to pile it all on and make it work, go for it. It’s all about proportions."
The Tweet Up was a fun and humbling experience. It reminded me that while I am a very active blogger, I am not the best at live Tweeting. Being able to text/type at the speed of light while continuing to take in new information, that's a skill! For live blogging I bow down to ladies like Eye4Style, Clutch_22 and StyleIt.

From the DvF Fashion's Night Out photo booth


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone to the first event! It sounds like you got a lot of insight and the stories about Bittar and Crangi are so funny.


eye4style said...

You are so cute! Thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

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