Monday, August 23, 2010

Windows 7 Eee PC x Karim Rashid Edition

So I’ve been using a brand new Asus Eee PC the past couple weeks thanks to the lovely folks from Microsoft. Yes, being the girly girl that I am, I chose to test drive the shiny hot pink version. It makes me feel a bit like Ms. Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. For the less girly, it also is available in a sleek coffee brown rubberized finish.

Designed by renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid, the rippling tile surface is not only distinctive but it also helps me get a sturdy grip on the machine when moving it from place to place. I love that even the bottom of the netbook although unseen while in use received the same treatment and wasn’t forgotten. The Eee PC also features hidden ports that keep the design seamless and smooth and although it takes a little more time to open them, it will keep the PC clean and random purse debris out.

Super light weight at just under 3 lbs but with a 92% full-size keyboard, it hasn’t taken much time for me to adjust to typing at all. Perhaps the most difficult element is using the shrunken arrows but that is growing on me too. Can’t wait for New York Fashion Week this September because taking this baby on the road will be nothing short of amazing.

It’s been a while since I attended the Windows 7 Launch at Saks so I had to re-learn some of the functional aspects but after watching a few seven second demos I feel like I’m well on my way. After watching the demo’s the updates are definitely more intuitive and user oriented while the overall appearance is less cluttered and cleaner.

I even tried the Windows anytime upgrade to install Windows Premium Home Edition and it was a snap! Yes, being a blogger has exposed me to tech, and I am growing pretty tech savvy when it comes to usability but at the end of the day still lacking in true technical skills! For this I usually enlist my brother’s help in exchange for hemming his pants! Anyways proud to say I upgraded the system without any help (even though in reality I just clicked a button, entered my key code and then Boom! 10 min later DONE!).

Overall, it’s been pretty smooth sailing, battery life has been surprisingly decent and the keyboard is definitely sturdy enough to keep up with even my most aggressive typing! My biggest concern is the monitor resolution that maxes out at 1,024x600. That being said this is the first netbook I am using and while I’m fine with the smaller 10.1” monitor, I really feel if the resolution was higher, I would be able to make the most of my screen space without constantly scrolling to get the full picture on most websites.

On a side note, I’m in the market for a new laptop to use for blogging at home but I’m sort of torn on the PC vrs Apple front. I’ve truthfully always been a PC girl, but working in design I’ve always been told MacBook’s are preferable and I had been aspiring to own one the last year. Lately a few of my friends, Lani and Jeff included, have been having some major issues with their MacBook's that are making me re-consider my other options.

Right now I am drawn to the sleek design element of the ASUS Bamboo. Forget wood grain and leather! I'm all about wood grain and aluminum. I love how this design element carries even to the inside! Plus I love that it incorporates sustainable design elements like super fast growing bamboo and 15% less plastic than most other laptops. The ASUS Bamboo is currently on promo on Amazon to get $150 cash back with purchase. The other PC that I’m considering is the HP TouchSmart tm2 notebook that I had the chance to play with a few months back for the incredible drawing potential!

What kind of laptop are you using and why do you like it?


Debie said...

How timely! I'm also in the market for a new laptop since my old PC is on it's last legs. I was also considering converting to Mac but am not sure it's worth it for the extra $$, although many of my friends say they still love their Macs and never have problems with them...

Anonymous said...

Cute netbook! I think I would choose the hot pink one too! Have you tried the HP Vivianne Tam netbook?

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