Monday, July 19, 2010

Now Wearing...

Sorry it's been a while since my last outfit post but work has been a bit crazy busy lately. I picked up this skirt recently at Forever 21 during a stress busting lunch and am loving how easy it is to add some classy comfort to a basic tee!

Please don't mind the slightly odd extra drape as my pocket bag somehow managed to escape and I didn't notice it was doing anything odd while shooting! I'll have to tack it in place to prevent it in the future!

Tee Shirt - LnA
Pearl & Multi Chain Necklace - J. Crew (my friend was cleaning out her closet)
Elastic Waist Drape Skirt - Forever 21
Studded Cuff - Linea Pelle (gift from Lucky Mag)
Leather Satchel - Botkier Tao Convertible Satchel
Hair Clip - From a market in China (gift from a friend)
Octoganal Heel Sandals - Stella McCartney
Nails - OPI Suede Collection - We'll Always Have Paris

Photography by James S. Rand


Anonymous said...

check out the clothingline sale - the helmut lang stuff is great and cheap but going really really fast. picked up a dress f0r $45, a vest for $55 and a drapey cardigan for $30

klee4vp said...

hot - nice work, mr. erin. impeccable (in spite of that sneaky pocketbook )

Erin said...

thanks anonymous for the tip!!! I definitely ran by the sale!

Klee4vp merci <3 i must remember to sew it in place!

Anonymous said...

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