Friday, July 23, 2010

Kyo Part II: The Full Line

An mentioned in a previous post, Soia & Kyo will be introducing a new men's line named Kyo this fall that I'm uber excited for. Mackage (S&K's sister line) is one of my all time favorite lines for men's outerwear - but at roughly $650-$750 a piece, its often not the most affordable option out there... Needless to say, when the folks at Soia & Kyo emailed to let me know that there would be a men's line this year - I was stoked. While pricing isn't stated, my guess is that the pieces will cost about 1/2 of their fancier counterparts (consistent with the women's lines).

Here's a peek at all of the different styles that are set to hit stores in the fall with my personal faves from each category.

The Wools:
Of the three styles, I personally dig the Edi - I have a thing for cuff detailing on jackets. The Maverick would be my second pick.

The Leathers:
Both of these are great pieces but Kert wins this round - great ribbing detail at the waist and cuff.

The Puffers:
Puffers are always a bit tricky. They're definitely warmer than wool but bulkier in a marshmallow-esque kind of way. The Vinny takes my pick as it combines warmth and appeal while minimizing the bulk factor.

The Reversible:
Not too crazy about the puffer side but the other side is pretty decent. Two for the price of one! For all the Canadian readers - this reminds me of a male version of the infamous TNA winter jacket from Aritzia.

Can't forget about the hands! I never really sport gloves in the winter for some reason but if I did, I'd opt for Henry over Owen.

In terms of colours, each style has a couple to choose from:
  • wools mostly come in black and charcoal (the Danen style has an extra colour which is a speckled grey shown above)
  • leathers come in black and espresso
  • puffers come in black, espresso, and carbon
  • gloves come in black and espresso

Also, if you'd like a copy of the fall/winter lookbook - just flip over an email to SugarRockMan (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send it out.


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