Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Soia & Kyo to Launch Menswear Line KYO

I've just got a first look at some of the new styles for KYO thanks to the lovely Megan! What do you think of them? The first look above is actually a reversible down jacket!

As I've mentioned previously I am a huge fan of Soia & Kyo, the younger more affordable sister line of outerwear specialist Mackage. This line has until now only been available for women much to the chagrin of my shop savvy male friends. Thanks to the email below that my friend Jeff received, I now know that they are planning to launch a menswear line called KYO for Fall 2010 to hit this August.

On a side note...I had to share the email because check out the response time. It only took 3 years and 5 months to get a reply!!! Slowest response ever and sort of amazing because who can really keep track of emails that old?

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Soia & Kyo - Toronto
Date: Tue, May 11, 2010 at 4:52 PM
Subject: RE: Men's Jackets
To: Jeffrey C.

Hi Jeffrey,

We have launched a new collection for Men called KYO. The debut will be
this coming August for FW10.

Happy Shopping!


-----Original Message-----
From: Jeffrey C. []
Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2007 12:30 PM
Subject: Men's Jackets

Hi i was wondering if the men's jackets are on sale anywhere in
the GTA area.



shana said...

knew it was jeff. I had no idea that they were sister brands. Now it all makes sense.

Anonymous said...

would love to see more!

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