Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sample Sale Report: La Rok, Elizabeth & James, Patterson J. Kincaid

Stopped by the Elizabeth & James, La Rock and Patterson J. Kincaid Sample sale over lunch. It was starting to get really packed when I dropped by at 12:15. On the plus side the sale spans 2 rooms and there wasn't too much bumping into anyone while in the first room.

On the down side the prices were quite high on La Rok and E&J while PJK was more reasonable and the 2nd room had a large pattern table that became the change station for the world so it was really quite hard to navigate around the hords of changing women who used the table as a dumping ground. I did find some cute things hidden on the table but it was a bit chaotic. There was only one large mirror to examine yourself it but it was a bit hectic navigating to it and much easier to rely on the good judgment of a trusted friend.

So the apparent deal was sweater vests by La Rok and E&J starting at $30 & $50 respectively but honestly I did not find any that were really worth taking. The chunky knits on the other hand were mostly E&J and plentiful in soft irregular yarns mostly size 4 but a bit pricey at $150.

There were plenty of cute skirts and shorts but at $75 a pop they seemed a bit pricey. I esp loved the tribal/ikat printed versions.

Outerwear was $200 and the best deal was on the faux fur like coats but there weren't very many of them and mostly they were floating in the arms of various shoppers.

The $10 bin was truly damaged items often with holes, safety pins and writing so beware! I did manage to find a silk E&J dress for $10 but I think it was about the only thing in reasonable condition!

Note: although they said they had men's clothing I think the selection must have been limited to 1 rack because I didn't even notice it!

I wasn't a huge fan of this sale and I think if prices were 25% lower it would have been more worthwhile however if you want some E&J and LaRok worth some digging. There was one corset top w/ bias strips that was pretty hot but alas I couldn't fill it out :(

Who: Elizabeth & James, La Rok and Patterson J. Kincaid
What: Clothing marked down for both men and women from Spring 2010 and beyond.
When: May 19-21, 2010. Wed-Fri 10am-6pm
Where: 250 West 39th St, Suite 1701. (b/n 7th& 8th Ave)

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Anonymous said...

did they reduce prices today? i can't get on comments section of racked today !

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