Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now Wearing...

Hello Kitty press-on nails! Yes, those are fake nails from Sanrio. My friend and I found these after lunch in Chinatown last week, and I had to get them. They're kind of cute and pretty ghetto fab. I think they would be perfect for the Asian-American version of "Jersey Shore".
I had the day off yesterday, so my friend Krystal hung out at Highline Park. It's been surprisingly cold lately. I had to pull out my Uniqlo Heattech back out of storage!

Gray long sleeve - Uniqlo
Tan hoodie - Mike & Chris
Navajo jacket - vintage
Skinny jeans - Uniqlo
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Canvas leather sneakers - Converse Jack Purcell


Heather said...

AH! Love the press on Hello Kitty nails. *jealous* I love Hello Kitty. It's a weird obession i have...hello kitty, snoopy, and cupcakes are my weakness haha

Lani Love said...

i'm obsessed with cupcakes too! sugar sweet sunshine, billy's, babycakes, butterlane... i eat like a fat kid.

Six Six Sick said...

Holy Jesus! Hello Kitty press-on nails?! I think I need them!

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