Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Theaters: Breaking Upwards

A few weeks ago my friend Mike sent me an email about his friends' film. He said it was a film worth catching and supporting - a true passion project, "weekends here and there" type of shoot with a super low budget. The movie was Breaking Upwards.

I watched the trailer and fell in love. There's something so honest and relatable about the story. The movie is semi-autobiographical, based on a year in the lives of real life couple director/actor Daryl Wein and actress Zoe Lister-Jones. They're so great, so cute and creative. Just watch this promo video they made.

Breaking Upwards is currently playing at IFC Center in NY until Thursday, April 15th. Support NY independent films!

For those in California, the film will be in theaters April 9th Laemmle Sunset 5 in LA and April 16th Lumiere in San Francisco.

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karen yung said...

lani, thanks so much for telling me about this film! i saw it on weds and it was really great... so real and authentic, and actually made me tear up a few times! you should def try to catch it before it ends on apr 15..

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