Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now Wearing...

Blizzard + NYFW = Wardrobe angst. What to wear? Water proof boots, puffer & hat are musts! I honestly would have liked to wear some heels but I'm not a glutton for punishment especially when I anticipate schlepping the streets of NYC and running up and down subway stairs!

Cowl Neck Convertible Dress - Nave
Gold Lame Leggings -Topshop
Wool Socks - Chinese Laundry
Waterproof Buckle Boots - Cole Haan w/ Nike Air Technology
Puffer - Soia & Kyo
Hat - Fin Oslo
Leather Gloves - Portolano
Football Purse - Muxart
Scarf - Newman
Necklace - Rachel Leigh


Samantha said...

I am impressed that even during the awful weather we're having right now that you've still managed to look so stylish! I also love those leggings, I wish I could pull them off!

klee4vp said...

yay, so cute you look. snow bunny

Reuben said...

those leggings are buck wild!

Erin said...

aww thanks everyone! I tried my best :)! Hope you're all staying warm^^

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