Friday, February 18, 2011

Mik Cire Fall 2011

Mik Cire (aka Eric Kim spelled backwards) was one of the earlier shows that I hit up during FW. Former Monarchy founder and designer, Eric ventured out on his own and created his self titled line Mik Cire.

For Kim's fall collections, black was where it was at. Black, black and more black - which I loved. Wools, different gauged knits (sweaters and accessories) and leathers kept the looks rugged yet clean and interesting through various textures and layers.

Wool belted jackets tied at the back added a nice touch and helped refine some of the looks while accessories were on point and helped round out the collection. There were some chunky funnel neck scarves, hats and some amazing leather backpacks. Truthfully, I'm not the biggest fan of backpacks but Eric's were polished enough to pair with wool jackets without screaming I'm a student and had some great silver hardware detailing.

The majority of outfits were accompanied by combatesque tall lace up boots which paired nicely with the aesthetic of the clothing.

(photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

The only color aside from black that was present were these red leather pieces which definitely popped when the models came down the runway. The contrast between the inky blacks was sharp but not out of place. Overall, I definitely appreciated the solitary use of black in Eric's collection as it drew the eye to appreciate all the depth achieved through a single color solely by varying textiles and textures.

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