Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Week Blizzard

Today marks the unofficial start of New York Fashion Week! Although the tents are not open yet, there are a myriad events scheduled to happen tonight and happen they will!

So far the consensus is:
Geren Ford - "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night....the show will go on"
Rebecca Minkoff - "We're not going to let a little snow get in our way!Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2010 Presentation is NOT canceled. Come in your goulashes. "
Yuna Yang - "Despite the forecast we will still be presenting The Collection. After all, the show must go on!"
Tribal Couture - "Snow or not, the show is ON!"
Fashion 2.0 Awards - "We won't let the snow ruin our celebration"

What can I say except New Yorkers are resilient folks!

I actually got sent home from the office as New York City braces for the worst snow storm we have faced in my 3 1/2 years of living here! Something about the heating grates and the subway usually keep snow at bay in the city and usually it's gone almost instantly, leaving sidewalks clear but a bit slushy on the roads but today I noticed it was starting to pile up. Here are a couple views from midtown...looks like the folks at the Tents are keeping busy as multiple shovellers are working hard to keep the doors clear for tomorrow.

Unfortunately this is what it currently looks like outside my apartment! Will I make it? I'm Canadian, so I will definitely try...will I make it back home? Only time will tell ;) I'm packing a toothbrush and relying on the Subway and some waterproof boots!


Pattie said...

Oh gosh, I'm jealous that you guys have snow! The Olympics are starting in two days and the best we can do is rain. It'll be funny seeing tourists raiding the malls for umbrellas instead of scarves though

Yinka said...

Whoa ! Erin the show MUST go on I guess! That is a gorgy photo of the front of your casa...and I KNOW you made it now :)!

Erin said...

Wow Pattie! have fun with the Olympics! makes me wish I was in Canada a bit :) I do have some HBC Canada Olympic Fingerless Gloves!

Thanks Yinka! haha yes I battled it out and being splashed by cars while trekking in the snow & wind whipping my face was a battle!

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