Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vietnam Vacay Wardrobe Recap

I'm back! It feels great to sleep in my own bed again, but not sure it's good to be back. It was in the 80s when I left Vietnam and in the 70s when I left California; currently it's 19 degrees in New York and feels like 9.

For my Vietnam trip, my wardrobe criteria was:
- hand washable & relatively wrinkle-free, a 3 week vacation and I wanted to pack light
- versatile & layerable, the agenda was to start in the north and work our way down to south, meaning I needed clothes for a weather ranging from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
- plain & practical, when I'm on vacation I don't like to stand out too much and I think this is a well-accepted travel tip

So in a carry-on bag, I packed:

a pair of sunglasses

a oversized gray tissue tee
a pair of black shorts
a swimsuit

a reversible 4-in-1 tank, so handy
a pair of straight leg jeans, skinnys would not fly in the heat
Any time I needed a new shirt, I would (wash and) flip it around or inside out and ta da! I had black, pink, blue and green to choose from.

a black long sleeve shirt

a blue cropped cardigan, for in between weather

a hooded nylon jacket, for rainy & windy days
a hooded woven sweater, for chilly days
On the coldest day of my trip, I layered the two for extra warmth!

a dark blue jersey day/evening dress
I packed this just in case, and I'm glad I did because I had two occasions where I was asked to dress up at the last minue. Thanks for the heads up, Mom and Dad!
I don't have too many pictures in this dress because one event was was a Christmas Eve gala, where I got sick, so we had to leave early and the other was a 30-year reunion for my dad and his old friends.

a pair of nude jelly shoes
I ended up wearing everyday even though I packed a pair of flip flops. Being waterproof, they were perfect for beach and rain.

You might have noticed that I didn't have a handbag on me. Pickpocketing and theft in Vietnam is really high, especially for tourists, so for my trip I rotated between my pockets and a belt bag. And that, my friends, is what I wore on my Vietnam vacay!

I'll do a post later this week recapping my purchases. I will tell you now that I didn't have much time to shop, and pickins were kind of slim.


Dream Sequins said...

Cute vacation pics! I went to some of those places in your pictures when my husband and I visited Vietnam about 2 years ago! Ahhhh memories! We enjoyed ourselves immensely and miss the coffee and the friendly people... Glad you're back, even if it IS freezing right now.

Anonymous said...

Love the travel log. Hope you do more.

brittraninc said...

I totally have a certain style of wardrobe choices here for HCMC cause its aways so hot! Great post Lani :)

Karafina said...

wow, 3 weeks is a long time and you did amazing! love the 3 in one tank and the jelly's. where are they from??

Stephy Pool said...

What a wonderfully organized post. This one should be taught with.

Lani said...

the jellys are vivienne westwood for melissa. i bought them from akira in chicago, but you can find them online as well!

i have a list of retailers in a previous post

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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