Monday, January 11, 2010

She is Dorkas

Meet Marianna Dorkas Jamadi. She has got to be most of the most beautiful and talented girls I know - photographer, stylist, crafter, and the list goes on. I recently met her through a mutual friend, and small world, turns out we actually went to the same college! It's crazy to think that we're both from southern California, yet we didn't meet until we moved to New York.

I want to introduce you to her latest project - love, Dorkas. It's a collection of jewelry made in collaboration with her boyfriend, Armando Rafael, another photographer and creative mind. Inspired tribal adornments and cultural traditions, they call it "modern jewelry for the ancient soul".

Clockworks earrings, $30
In love with these clock hand earrings!

11:11, $25.00
This style comes in three sizes, each cleverly named after a time.

And I may have found the perfect pieces for my knuckle ring obsession...

Time Stamp, $40.00
Hand hammered ring made of a vintage brass hour hand!

Balance Beam, $75.00
Hand carved, amazing.

You can check out more pieces and other adorable hand-crafted goodies from Marianna (and her beau) at

P.S. Enter "xmascrumbs" at checkout for 10% off and free shipping on orders over $50! Offer expires Friday 1/15/10.


klee4vp said...

these are gorgeous. nice work, dorkas :)

Erica said...

Love the pieces and the sentiment behind them (modern pieces - ancient soul). Great find, ladies.

Kelly said...

I purchased Mari's tablewear and they were absolutely exquisite. Perfect gift.

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