Friday, January 7, 2011

Manhattan Bound: Joe Fresh

According to Racked - retailer Joe Fresh (a Canadian based retailer) will make its debut in Manhattan on 5th Avenue in dual level, 15,000 square foot retail space. Goooooooo Canada!

Joseph Miram aka the brainchild who started Club Monaco with Alfred Sung back in 1985 (subsequently sold to Ralph Lauren in 1999) began Joe Fresh which retails in supermarkets across Canada. One time my friend asked me where I got my track jacket and I literally said..."where I bought my chicken".

The clothing is unpretentious, clean, and great for basics. Best of all, the prices fall somewhere around Forever XXI and H&M's price points which is a plus for your wallet! Too bad the retail space won't be housing a grocery store - it's really a one of a kind experience to try on clothing while grabbing your bread, milk and eggs.
All images from Joe Fresh's Spring 11 collection courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Joe Fresh is owned by Loblaw (a gimungoid supermarket chain) which in turn is owned by one family - the Westin's...who also own a bajillion other things....including Holt Renfrew (the only lux department store in Canada). Can't wait for another piece of home to come to the city!


Anonymous said...

They also own Selfridges... wouldn't it be fun to be a Westin?

Erin said...

seriously it would be living the good life! one can only dream :)

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