Friday, January 28, 2011

+J: A Closer Look

As mentioned in an earlier post, the +J Spring 2011 line launched on this past Wednesday. While Uniqlo is one of my go to stores, I never have the patience to wait in line for the opening of the collections.

Thanks to the nasty weather and my new rain boots that I picked up on sale last week (my first pair ever!)- I braved the slush and made a stop on my way home last night...and the store was empty!

There was plenty of merch for men in all sizes which usually never happens. In the past, I usually check out the new collections on the opening weekend after everything's been picked over - so it was definitely a nice surprise!

Out of everything I saw, I was a definite fan of the outerwear which were decently made with nice detailing. I ended up picking up a cotton/twill military parka in dark brown (khaki color shown in above right pic). The blazers and dress pants were a bit underwhelming after examining the fabrics and construction which I don't think will hold up past a season or two.

If you're looking for some Spring threads you should definitely hit up Uniqlo soon! The dude in front of me at the register racked up a grand in +J merch so sizing probably won't last too much longer.

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Anonymous said...

love the jackets!

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