Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reader Question: Top Holiday Sweaters

I love the holidays, and everything associated with them; Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, the old fashioned claymation rudolf movie, and particularly holiday sweaters! Now, I don't mean ones that have Christmas trees or Santa on them, but I'm thinking wooly sweaters that are holiday inspired (think something you'd wear at a ski lodge or log cabin)...Would love your help in finding the perfect holiday sweater that's not too pricey (and one that won't get me mocked by my friends and co-workers).

I love the holidays and I think that anything that can help you get in the Holiday spirit is great! Since it's been a warm winter the only time that I really have felt it's been the Holiday season so far has been at the the Windows 7/Saks window unveiling and yesterday night as I cooked while listening to that lovely Rudoph movie you mentioned!

There is something sort of fun to be said about the Ugly Holiday Sweater concept (think Bridget Jones) and the Ugly Sweater parties that they have inspired but if you want something a little less kitch and for real life, here are some of my fave options:

1. Topshop Knitted Stag Jumper $100. It's taking a Stag motif that could definitely be associated with reindeers and making it a simple silhouette that is more modern. Sort of reminiscent of the antlers on the Miike Snow album cover?

2. Anthropologie Juxtaposed Sweater Jacket $98. This sweater definitely reminds me of what I picture a cute elf wearing at in the North Pole but it's not costume-y and definitely wearable all winter long.

3. Ralph Lauren Blue Label Wool-Cashmere Intarsia Sweater $299. This one is a bit more of a splurge but this ones got it all! Reindeers, snowflakes, the works! I think thought that the classic color combination of Navy, White & Red plus the vintage feel keeps this classy. It is holiday but definitely more in the alpine/ski vibe.

4. 2890 by Arne & Carlos Boatneck Sweater $78. In a similar vein to the Ralph Lauren Blue Label sweater but for at a much more affordable price point is this limited edition sweater partnering independent designers with Urban Outfitters. Definitely got that Scandinavian feel going for it.

5. Forever 21 Fair Isle Cardigan $34.90. By far the most economical option, this one has a fun grandpa cardigan silhouette, still and alpine vibe but less identifiable holiday details.

6. American Eagle Fairisle Scoop Sweater $39.50. Cute, classic without breaking the bank! I like the grey, red combo the best.

Dear Readers,
Have you seen better/cuter? Please help if you have :)

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Eric said...

I really like several of these sweaters. The RL is beautiful, and I also really the the Topshop sweater. Very pretty.

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