Monday, November 23, 2009

Unveiled: Saks 5th Avenue Holiday Windows

It's official, the holiday season has somehow crept upon us! I feel like Halloween just passed but already candy canes are on shelves and the Rockerfeller tree has gone up!

So in keeping with the holiday spirit, I ran down to Saks 5th Avenue to check out the window unveiling ceremony sponsored in part by Windows 7. Special thanks to Jordana from Clutch 22 for the invite. I had never been to anything like this and it was a much bigger deal that I expected. They even temporarily closed down 5th Avenue so everyone could have a great view of the windows and had a fake snow machine making spirits bright!

I arrived to the amazing, inspiring voices of Staten Island's own PS22 Chorus if you haven't heard them check them out on youtube! Seriously warms your heart!

According to the press release:
This year the Saks Fifth Avenue holiday windows will be powered by Windows 7 to bring life the children’s book Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Flake with 3-D animations and interactive window displays. With dedicated PC lounge areas in-store, customers can check out chic Windows 7 PCs and share their holiday wishes with the world.

I literally ran across the street to get some shots of the windows before they were swarmed by the masses :) One random fun thing you can do, no matter where you live is have your tweets show up as part of the window displays by adding the #holidaywindows to your message.

Lani and I did have a chance to test out some Windows 7 PCs in the lounge on the 9th floor. I'm by no means super techie but it was fun to see what is offered nonetheless.

Some features I learned about Windows 7:
*is very customizable. You can make your computer feel like you by changing your computer's theme, color, sounds, desktop background, screen saver, font size, and user account picture. If you get bored easily, you can even make your background a slideshow that changes every once in a while!
*you're able to pin programs you use frequently to the task bar so they are always running and ready for you to use.
*you can easily snap 2 windows side by side when you need to see 2 things at once
*if you shake a window you need back and forth it will minimize all the rest
*viewing and organizing photos looks quite similar to the set up of Mac's iPhoto.
*you can easily save your fave TV shows without DVR

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