Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now Wearing...

I got these boots from my friend Karen. As cute as they are, I wouldn't naturally gravitate towards these boots, but finding boots that accommodate my my short and big calves is a rarity. So when Karen offered me these up to me and they fit, I had to take them!

Yesterday I decided I wanted to wear these boots and this denim dress, which Karen coincidentally also owns. I originally picked out a cream shirt to wear under the dress, but with the cream tights it felt like too much, so I swapped in this maroon top and added the scarf-belt to pull the colors together and create a waist.
Denim dress - H&M
Maroon 3/4 sleeve top - Banana Republic
Floral print scarf/belt - secondhand
Cream tights - Hue
Tan heeled boots - secondhand Charlotte Ronson (thanks, Karen! xo!)
Gold floral ring - Forever 21
Green necklace/bracelet - secondhand


Erica said...

Love the ring. Forever 21 is hit or miss for me, and you know the one in Herald Sq is a hot touristy mess. But they are good for big (cheap) cocktail rings.

Karafina said...

awesome boots! i need a good pair of heeled tan ones myself!

Stephy Pool said...


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