Monday, November 2, 2009

Now Wearing...

My original plan for Halloween was to be a cave woman. I'd been wanting a faux fur vest/coat for awhile now, and I figured my costume would be the perfect excuse to buy one. I was unable to find an affordable piece that I was happy with, so I aborted the plan.

With some inspiration from my friend Christine, I decided to be Yoko Ono instead.

Looking at photos of Yoko Ono, I noticed a few common themes across all of her looks - sunglasses, hat, black blazer. In real life, she tends to wear smaller sunglasses on the edge of her nose, and on album covers and promotional materials, she tends to wear dramatically oversized shades. I of course opted for the bigger glasses.

with Karl Lagerfeld

In general, as much as I love Halloween, I try to buy as little as possible or at least only buy things that I will wear post-holiday. This costume was kind of perfect because the only thing I had to buy were the sunglasses; everything else came straight out of my closet.

Hat with feather ball - vintage (seriously one of my most prized possessions)
Sunglasses - $10 from Saint Mark's, pretty sure they're normally $5-7 normally, but whatever
3/4 sleeve blazer - Rampage (gem from high school, baby!)
Textured blouse - Urban Outfitters
Dress pants - Express
Flats - secondhand Matt Berson (thanks, Karen!)

with MJ & Kanye

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Jenn said...

You were absolutely adorable that night, Lani!

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