Friday, November 13, 2009

DJ Lani Love Tomorrow Night at Le Poisson Rouge

If you’re around this weekend, you should come by Le Poisson Rouge tomorrow night for some good music and dancing. I’m going to be opening for DJ Morsy & DJ Kestar on the ones and twos. I’m really excited because I’ve been learning how to DJ for the past couple of years and this will be my first gig in the city!

Unlike fashion which has happened in more recent years, my music obsession started at an early age. When I was four, I played the violin, and when I was five, I picked up piano - so Asian. Then in high school, I was in choir for a couple years and blogged about music. Then in college, I hosted a weekly radio show and I was Music & Program Director of Chapman Radio. I really love music and I love being able to share what I love with others, so DJing is the perfect venue for me.

My set starts at 10PM and will be ending around 11, so please come early. I can promise you good music and $3 Rolling Rocks and $5 until midnight. Oh, and no cover! You can read more about the party at here. DJ Morsy & Kestar are awesome. Seriously, it’s always a crazy good dance party.

Hope to see you there!

DJ Lani Love


Monique said...

wish i could be there! have fun!!!

Karrie said...

I love the way this picture turned out.
I hope you had fun dj-ing.

Erica said...

Welllll, how was it? Sorry I couldn't make it out! :(

Lani said...

it went really, really well! great turnout, lots of friends, mostly strangers and everyone had fun. lots of dancing up in front!

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