Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now Wearing...

Tribal print dress - vintage/DIY
Black rose buckle belt - Forever 21
Hematite fringe necklace - secondhand
Black bangles - H&M
Cooper hoop earrings - Claire's
Wedge sandals - Old Navy

A few weeks ago when it was warmer out, my friend Randy Smith asked if he could shoot some photos of me against the city skyline. I choose to wear this dress because I thought it might be fun to play with contrast - urban vs. tribal and organic shape vs. structured buildings.

I found this vintage dress secondhand shopping. It was extremely frumpy (so bad it made me look pregnant and short) and in terrible condition (so old I’m labeling it dry clean only), but I bought it because the top fit right and I was so in love with the print. When I tried it on, I played with around with belt and saw that I could create a bubble hem, so I felt like it was a safe purchase.

To fix up the dress, I create a soft high-low bubble hem. I felt like a longer hem would match the print and darker look of the dress. But a longer hem wouldn’t solve the frumpy problem, so I stitched a higher hem in the front to show off some leg and make the dress younger and more playful. I would have done a DIY post on the alteration of the dress except I think it would have been just an example of very poor technique. I did a really lazy job – just loosely stitched every couple inches around the bottom.


Anonymous said...


Yumi said...

I think this is my favorite "Now Wearing..." post. You certainly know how to make it work!

Erica said...

LOOOVE LOVE the dress. Good DIY work.

Anonymous said...

the night and day is nice.

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