Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sugaring, Spice & Everything Nice: My Shobha Experience

Lani and I recently visited Shobha in Soho, NYC's very celebrated Hair Removal Expert. At Shobha, the focus is purely Hair Removal (including threading, sugaring and waxing), unlike other salon's where it is an additional service (ie. the sketchy backroom at a Nail salon).

After my visit I can say I'm not at all surprised that Shobha was named by NY Mag as the Best Bikini Wax in the city. That being the signature special, we felt compelled to check it out for ourselves. The spa is clean and warm feeling, the ladies are quick and efficient and you are made to feel relaxed and taken care of. Shobha is also known for their on-time scheduling, they don't keep you waiting for your appointments. Also they offer online scheduling so you can avoid potential awkwardness at the office!

The 3000 ft Soho location is bright, well lit and open. The dark wood floors, soft yellow walls, orange and pink decor compliment the welcoming atmosphere. Check-in is quick and painless plus you are offered a complimentary tea or water while you wait. I had barely taken 2 sips of my water when I was greeted by my aesthetician, Reshma. She had a very calming manner that put me at instant ease as she lead me to the private treatment rooms.

Soft Indian music was playing in the background. A wood dresser and chair lent plenty of room to put my belongings. The treatment rooms actually felt cozy and were in meticulous order. Instead of a table, they had cushioned bed for your comfort.

As a Shobha client you get to experience all the amazing and natural products firsthand. When Shobha Tummala, the founder and CEO, opened the first location in 2001, the products available on the market were not up to her satisfaction, so she developed her own products! The Sugaring Gel using a family recipe that she learned from her grandmother using all natural ingredients. Sugaring is a similar process to waxing, but Sugaring Gel adheres to the skin less, making it less painful. Sugaring is also better because any residue can easily be washed away with water...not that there was much residue left at all! The Rosewater toner which naturally reduces skin irritations & redness (perfect sans sugaring!). The talc-free powder which removes moisture prior to waxing or anytime you might need it (just learned talc is linked to cancer & infertility...BEWARE!).

Truthfully, I was super nervous about what to expect and was glad to have Lani with me for moral support but everything was so quick and comfortable that it was all over before I knew it! And the pain (I'm not gonna lie, there was some pain) was totally bearable...if you've ever waxed your arms before, it'll be a piece of cake! I just tried super hard to stay calm as being relaxed makes it less painful and quicker! I also had the peace of mind of knowing they used safe, natural products and by the fact that they don't double dip in the sugaring gel ever!

Shobha also gave me some great tips for aftercare to prevent irritation and ingrowns! I'm totally testing out the Shohba Exfoliating Cloth and the Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion right now and I'll let you know how it goes!

PS. If you're nervous about bikini waxes like I was, and in need of moral support, Shobha is offering 2-for-1 bikini treatments from September 9-15, 2009 at all 3 locations! So grab a friend ;) For full details click here.


Pennerad said...

Went to Shobha Madison...OMG, nightmare. It's not my first wax; I go to Shobha Soho All the time...SOOOO not going back to the uptown one.

Very upset. AND IN SO MUCH PAIN!

Jessica said...

I've been to Shobha Columbus Circle and everyone was very nice and the service professional.

Erin said...

Pennerad, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I've only been to the Soho location and everything was perfect!

Jessica, good to hear you enjoyed the CC location!

jennifer from Shobha said...

hi erin (& lani)! it was a pleasure meeting you and glad to enjoyed your visit as much as we did :)

hi pennerad, we are so bummed to hear that your visit to Shobha Madison didn't match up to Shobha SoHo. as part of our quality assurance program, we would really like to hear your honest feedback in hopes of improving. please feel free to contact us at thoughts@myshobha.com.


brand director

Anonymous said...

is this a sponsored visit and subsequent review? Why is someone from shobha commenting? full disclosure please.

jennifer of Shobha said...

hi anonymous,

this post is by no means an advertisement, erin and lani came on their own freewill to our salon :) please know that we are always looking for ways to improve, so as in the past when other folks have left comments on various websites about their experiences and/or have posted questions about hair removal, we try to reach out to the community to provide as much information as we can, and in this case to actually find out what may have cause pennerad's bad experience so that we can prevent it from happening to pennerad or anyone else in the future. we don't want to just sweep a bad experience 'under the rug,' we really do want to find out how to fix it and what may have caused it from happening.

take care,


Erin said...

Hi There!

After Lani's product recommendation on the Ingrown Hair Treatment, we were invited to take a visit. We randomly picked the Soho location to visit but I genuinely had a great experience! Seriously I've never had a bikini wax before so I had deep fear growing in my stomach all week...it went really well so i wanted to share! I subsequently contacted Shobha to let them know how great my experience was with a link! We currently don't have any ads on our site and don't write about things that we don't believe in.

Hope this answered your question :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. What I meant by "sponsored" is, did you have to pay for your bikini waxes?

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