Friday, August 14, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Richard Chai

Only a little over an hour left to the Richard Chai Sample Sale and it is completely empty! On the otherhand I saw Richard Chai walk through (so CUTE!)

Clothing was on the sides and looked neat and organized and it was a very calming environment. While the sale wasn't super cheap, the merch is super high quality and definitely wearable investment pieces that I don't foresee going out of stye easily.

Prices mostly were $100-250 for clothing.
Pleat bottom shorts $100
Sleeveless Jacket - $100, super menswear styling and fun
Blouses $120
Heavy Canvas Zip Jacket $120

Lots of amazing shoes, unfortunately only run sizes 37-41. Yes, the Manolo designed shoes are there :)
Shoes were $150-250. Zip Sandal boots were super fun! But I think reached prices of $400

Sorry such a brief summary but wanted to let you know before the 6pm rolls around :) If you can make it and can afford it, RUN!!!

Who: Richard Chai
What: 50-80% Off Women's runway, ready-to-wear, and accessories
Where: 107 Grand St., nr. Mercer St.
When: August 10-14, 2009. Tues-Fri, 10am-6pm.

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