Friday, August 7, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Mara Hoffman

Stopped by Mara Hoffman's Sample sale after work today. The sale was relatively quiet and easy to sort through but the change rooms were slightly on the crowded side.

The main reason to go to this sale for would be the swimwear! There are some definite bargains and you could easily pick up a sexy one piece with cut out sides or midriff for $20. Bikini's are also $20. Unfortunately many of the one pieces don't include built in cups but some of the bikini's do. Prints looked either floral based (jumbo stylized) or very late 80s/90s.

3 pretty full racks in sizes XS-L but S seemed to be the most common size.

There were only 2 printed cotton sarongs that I saw available for $15 and a couple of canvas printed bags! Even a vest bag of sorts for $50.

Random bargain were these Nine West shoes that were probably used in a photoshoot but have slightly scuffed bottoms for $10 I think the sizes were 8 1/2-10 and there were only 4 pairs left.

The rest of the sale was mostly breezy printed pieces in silk or silk jersey. The racks were not very full and there was about 8 racks of sportswear/dresses.

Silk printed pants for $50. Printed silk jersey dresses or tops for $75. There were prints that looked like acityscape or like braided hair, swirling buttons and other novel subjects. The look? Very beachy and breezy. There was also a backless sleeveless jacket that was pretty cute it was ivory with trench coat detailing for $75.

Worth checking out if you are in need of some swimwear for a great price or looking for resorty type gear.

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