Thursday, August 13, 2009

dupli-CAUGHT: Aldo vs 80%20

80%20 Jackie Boot, $108-$188 vs. Aldo Powanda Boot, $70

Last weekend I was walking down from Rockefeller Center and saw what looked like 80%20 boots at Aldo. Busted!

80%20 designer, Ce Ce Chin is known for her cute and casual shoes, and her signature is the hidden wedge. The hidden wedge is amazing! A little height boost without heels? Yes please.

I can understand why Aldo would want to pull inspiration from 80%20, but why seasons later? And why such a blantant rip off?

If you're feelin' the Jackie boots, they usually retail for $200, but since they're from Fall 08 you can find some on sale for half off.


jamie clare said...

ehhhhhh i hate it when the knockoffs are so blatant.

except for those jeffrey campbell studded buckle chloe bootie knockoffs, if you know which ones i'm talking about, because uhm i will probably need to purchase those. TOO cute.

i guess it depends. the quality is different i'm sure.

Karen Gereffi said...

These boots are not for ppl with small feet. I was so excited about the wedge heel hidden within the boot and my sister tried them on at Aldo (she wears a 6.5) and she looked like she had gnome feet.

Flatterting your foot/leg: FAIL.

Lani said...

jamie clare, yes i know what you're talking about! i want them too...! i feel guilty, but i'll never be able to get my hands on the original chloes.

karen, your comment made me laugh out loud.

rebecca said...

They also knocked off those turqouise wedge booties:

rebecca said...
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