Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 Diesel:U:Music Concert Tour

HEARTSREVOLUTION and The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! were announced as this year's winners of the 2009 Diesel:U:Music competition. Now they will be touring as part of this year's Diesel concert series that will hit major cities across the globe including New York, Miami, Paris, London, Beijing and Tokyo.

The concert will be in New York at Webster Hall on July 30th. Some of the other acts include SugarRockCatwalk recommended Passion Pit, Theophilus London, The Roots and more. Tickets are free, but limited.

How to score tickets? Show up at participating stores in your fave pair of Diesel jeans on any of the below dates:

July 25th and 26th at Lexington at 60th Street
July 27th and 28th at 5th Avenue and 54th Street
July 29th and 30th at Union Square at 14th Street.

Giveaways start at 5pm each day and continue until supplies last... If last year was any indication, expect madness!


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