Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Butter by Nadia

Sale was utter madness when I got there at 11:10am! Ladies everywhere running around with armloads of convertible dresses or trying to figure out how to tie them in front of one of 3 mirrors at the sale.

Prices were varied but the best deals were on the dresses that were not convertible. Thin jersey tunics with color block trim were $25 while Flutter Sleeve dresses were $35.
The first thing to go was all the prints and stripes except for a lumberjack plaid and lace print that looked very Fall! There was plenty left in those styles.

Also, there were plenty of convertible Signature Satin Long Wraps but they were a bit pricier at $125. Shorter versions were $75. The most expensive piece I saw was a floor length printed jersey wrap for $175.

Other pieces included a long sleeve cardigan like piece for $65.
There was a communal changing area but no mirrors inside so women were crowding the floors. Staff was on hand to help those who seemed to be confused on how to wear things.

By noon the sale was looking pretty wiped out already and only 5 racks remained standing but they insisted that they would be re-stocking for noon tomorrow!

The line to pay was pretty long and they only take credit cards on purchases of $250 or more, but if you do buy that much you get to skip the line to pay.

I did spy some extra merch hidden in the back room as I was leaving. Sale was a bit chaotic for me and not much was left, but if you are a Butter by Nadia fan, the convertible wrap dresses are pretty amazing. One size fits all and they are pretty flattering and flow like a Grecian goddess. So go when they open tomorrow for fresh stock :)

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Anonymous said...

holy crap! looks crazy!

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