Monday, April 6, 2009

Trends: Glitter like a Disco

Antonio Berardi Fall 2009, Balmain Fall 2009

Both Looks Versace Fall 2009
Sequins is a growing trend in womenswear and by Fall 2009 the trend will explode. Being a lover of sparkly things in general I'm all about this look! Perhaps I have magpie syndrome? But the look definitely ties back nicely to the 80s Excess, Power and Luxury trend I previously wrote about. Think glamour and "Dynasty" or in the case of Balmain, Jem and the Holograms might be appropriate.

This time around the thing to note is that sequins are not being used to create allover sparkle as in the past but being used to create patterns or textural effects like stripes or contrast or a scale effect of overlapping sequins. Look for simple shift dresses, leggings, body-con dresses and trackpants. Richer colors tend to be stronger with red, navy and purple being strong and silver, pewter, black creating graphic combos leading the way.

Balmain Fall 2009, Alexander Wang Fall 2009, Mario Schwab Fall 2009, Chanel Fall 2009


Iole said...

Balmain 4 ever!

Erin said...

i agree let Balmainia Reign ;) xoxo

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