Thursday, April 23, 2009

Matthew Williamson Nearly Sold Out at 34th St

Quick NY shopping update. I popped in the H&M by 34th Street Herald Square at 9:15 this morning on my way to work, and it was nearly sold out. There wasn't a bum rush, but according to the staff, there was an "orderly rush" through the store within minutes of opening. Nearly all of the dresses were gone though I guess they didn't have that many to begin with. There were a few tops, plenty of cardigans, some belts in sizes M and L, scarves, and a few clutches left. No sight of the awesome blue suit pieces.

They will be receiving a new shipment of Mathew Williamson for H&M on the 14th of next month, but it will be mostly swimwear pieces.

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Dream Sequins said...

An "orderly rush." Trying to picture that.

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