Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sale Report: Zachary Smile and Misorena

So I saw on that the sale at Zachary Smile was continuing, so I thought that I would check it out after work. The sale was held in the basement under the store. There are no change rooms to try on things and the lighting is not the greatest, but vintage in NYC on the cheap!

As soon as I entered there was a rack of dresses all marked down to $25. I looked through and spotted a few cute/interesting items. Black Jacquard Dot Peplum Dress, I think it would have looked great on a taller gal and it was a bit too much dress in a dark color for me! A metallic jacquard hooded sleeveless jacket, was a bit loud for everyday but looked fun nonetheless. And my fave, was a weft print floral taffeta dress, it was beautiful, but falling apart horribly! The construction was incredible but the horsehair was deteriorating and the taffeta was shredded in several places! There was another poly taffeta print dress that I thought was darling, but again the seams were splitting (an easier fix).

There was also about 2 $15 racks of dresses. Sweaters were $10 and tops $5. The sweaters didn't bring up anything I found particularly promising. But I picked up the tie neck blouse pictured above because I thought it looked feminine, 80s and brought back memories of Rainbow Brite! Not sure how I'll work it yet.

As for shoes, they were not sorted at all so it was challenging! Thrown into bins (3 were $5, 2 were $15) they had rubber bands holding them together, but some shoes still became seperated and the tightness of the elastic was not a good idea for shoes that were in such stiff/delicate condition! It caused them to get slightly mishapen and sometimes the interior linings to crumble. However there were quite a few fun color block heels, I only found 2 in my size (one was marked size 6.5 but it fit me) but the pair I liked better was uncomfortable because the lining was coming apart.

Belts were $5 and there was a chunky rhinestone number that I was contemplating fixing as there was no closure, however it showed slight signs of rust so I decided against it! I don't need rust stains on my clothing ;)

Definitely worth a look especially as it is affordable, but as with all vintage the treasure is in the eye of the beholder.

Who: Zachary's Smile
What: Reason to smile? The "attic" sale continues. It's kind of funny because it's actually held in the basement! Everything is now between $5-25 on vintage and past-season items from the in-house line
When: Thursday-Sunday, every weekend through March. Thu—Sat 1—8pm; Sun 1—7pm.
Where: 303 Mulberry St b/n Bleecker and Houston St (212-965-8245)

Also had a peek at the Misorena Sale and as promised the prices were cheap. However, the merch looked old and not that appealing. Everything was indeed $29.99. Plenty of Calvin Klein and Miss Sixty. The only reason I would go would be if you are on the lookout for a biker style nylon coat with lots of zippers in red there is a rack full of them in various sizes. I almost bought one but decided at the last minute against it (I think because I have a red trench and it would serve similar season purpose, I was afraid I'd get sick of red). Also, there are plenty of shoes, mostly Miss Sixty and some Staerk Styles but if you are a size 5 like me, there is only one lonely pair in a hunter green suede mary jane w/ metallic piping.

Who: Misorena
What: A $29.99 Clearance sale. Miss Sixty down coat was $359, now $29.99. Staerk leather moccasins was $200 now $29.99
When: Now through Sunday. M-F 9am-7pm, Sat & Sun 11am-7pm
Where: 260 5th Ave (b/n 28th & 29th St) 212.725.5400

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