Monday, March 2, 2009

Running with it! DIY Tights

The first time I got a run in my pantyhose, I was fascinated. One little line that seemed to expand and go on forever as long as I kept pulling. I felt like it was kind of amazing! I was creating a spider web. It was beautiful.

My mother quickly taught me that runs are a bad thing! So no more tugging at the thread. And if I did get a snag, a dab of clear nail polish soon stopped that run dead in it's tracks.

Then came Alexander Wang's Fall 2008 RTW line, and suddenly holey tights were new again! Even Target tried to Wang it up with some of their styling! Lani has cleverly since added holey tights to her wardrobe when a pair of her tights accidentally got snagged. But I think it was Lykke Li's amazing tights at her show I went to early last month that got my attention the most! It's hard to tell in the photo, but the front half is solid black but the back side was a giant run. Ever since I saw them I was determined to make myself a pair!

Perhaps I'm on a bit of a destroying spree with my recent Holey Tee?

So I got a pair of extra black tights that I had lying around my closet. I put them on and marked near the ankle with a safety pin because I decided that I didn't want holes/runs near my feet because I hate the feeling of my toes slipping through the holes. I then took them off and cut accross the back of the panty hose to create a line that goes about half way around the tight.

In a similar technique to the Holey Tee, You pull the fabric towards the hole from the top towards the cut to start unravelling. And you continue to do this evenly down the side so that you can get an even allover loose effect.
Align Center
Keep going until you have the desired height! I wanted to make mine slightly higher but I got tired. Then on the bottom half of the tight I added some clear nail polish to prevent the tight from running into the foot/sock area.

So when you put the tight on, because the run will make it kind of looser, I decided the easiest way to deal with this without effort would be to pull the runny end down over your foot. Kind of like a stirrup. Voila, the finished product below!

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