Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now Wearing...

I sported my Vintage YSL suit I picked up at Housing Works last week at fashion week too! You can see I tried out the Harem pants in 2 different looks. One posted today and one look yesterday.

Velvet Collar Blazer - Vintage YSL (I've been meaning to get it tailored!)
Velvet Harem Pants - Vintage YSL
Floral Print Cami - Rebecca Taylor
Bead Necklace - gift from India (xo MGK)
Fringe Flower Purse - Vintage
Metallic Gold Pumps - Sergio Rossi


Anonymous said...

so many people took pictures of you that day!

Anonymous said...

I moved to NYC about a year ago and can't find a good and decently priced tailor for the life of me. Could you give me some recommendations? It's so sad to see all these clothes that I want to wear, but they don't fit! Thanks!

Erin said...

i totally understand what you mean about tailor! I'm still in search for a tailor for suits, I do have a lady I know through work who does dress alterations but I haven't found anyone yet that I trust with my YSL suit! I'll let you know what I find ;)

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