Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Globes: Commentary on Style

Beautiful celebrity + beautiful dress, you wouldn't think the formula would be so hard. Especially given that many celebrities are even offered their choice of prime designer merch without having to fork over so much as a dime, and others have hired a stylist to make sure that they won't end up on the worst dressed list. It takes more than the dress to make the look and with the right accesories, make up and hair you go straight to the top.

These 3 Ladies are my definite top 3 looks for the Golden Globes. It's always a relief to see starlets willing to be "daring" and branch out from typical all black sweetheart floor length numbers in order to really shine. January Jones looked stunning in her Versace origami folded gown and the color was amazing with her eyes. Maggie Gyllenhaal really made Lanvin leopard work for her keeping her styling for hair & makeup simple. Olivia Wilde's Reem Arca lavender really flattered her skin tone while the silhouette made her look princess-like.

Had it not been for her slightly too voluminous hair, I think Drew Barrymore in Dior Haute Couture could have made it into my top 3 looks. I think she was going for old Hollywood glamor but the hair reminds me of my Barbie doll after I tried to cut her hair as a child.

Looking sleek & chic in Black: Evan Rachel Wood, in vintage Elie Saab Haute Couture
Tina Fey in Roberto Cavalli. Jennifer Carpenter in Pamella Roland. All 3 ladies picked a flattering silhouette, floor length with a v at the neck makes you look trim, tall and have a long graceful neck.

Amy Adams looks beautiful but a bit washed out in all black Oscar de la Renta. I think it's good silhouette but I wished she wore a deep jewel tone instead of black. I also think she would have benefited from a beautiful necklace.
I thought Susan Sarandon looked fantastic and tres chic in a Prada suit. The look was clean, well fitted and flattered her.
It was good to see Renee Zellweger try out something other than a sequin gown but I'm not sure that this Carolina Herrera was the most flattering choice, it's a little disconcerting to see the sheer bodice layered over a nude cami with such a bottom heavy skirt.

Elizabeth Banks in J. Mendel and Demi Moore in Christian Dior both looked great in soft blush tones. I liked how Demi is styled with dual "Wonder Woman" cuffs. I think Elizabeth Banks would have benefited from some pop lip color though (a red or fuschia would do nicely).

Ladies who opted for a subtlety in nudes are Kristin Scott Thomas in Lanvin and Isla Fisher in Carlos Miele. Both ladies look serene and elegant. I do wish they opted for punchier colored accessories instead of playing the safe route.

White Column Dresses sizzled on the red carpet for Kate Beckinsale in J. Mendel,
Eva Mendes in Christian Dior and Sandra Bullock in Christian Dior. I liked the frothy neckline on Kate's dress and her pulled back hair really suited this look. Eva's Van Cleef & Arpels necklace was a stunner unfortunately her dress was slightly ill fitted in the bodice. The one shoulder effect worked with the slight Egyptian look that Sandra Bullock was going for, however the tulle tiers of skirt of the dress doesn't quite marry into the look.

Beyonce and Angelina Jolie sparkled in silver. But in Beyonce's case I'm left to wonder, where is Sasha Fierce and her avant garde style? Beyonce looks nice in Elie Saab, but I've seen her in this dress or rather ones like it countless times before. In Angelina's case I wish she had some accesories to polish off her Versace look, although perhaps she thinks having the ultimate arm candy qualifies?

These other ladies dared to wear color and for that I applaud them for taking a risk, but I'm not sure the dresses were the best choices.
Anne Hathaway picked a beautiful navy Armani Prive gown, but unfortunately I'm not sure it really suits her. It looks a little bit too mature for her and the color makes her look washed out. Perhaps the beading plus the dark color make it look too heavy, especially unaccesorized? I also wish she had softer hair framing her face.
Cameron Diaz is a very fit individual, but I thought the pleats of the dress over her stomach were not the most flattering as they made a slight ballooning shape. Also, the cherise color of the dress makes her complexion look too pink and not the golden that I'm sure it is. Also, Cameron's hair looks a little bit limper than usual.
Eva Longoria Parker and her dress a red Reem Acra look almost like seperate entities. The dress is pretty but a little bit too stiff and painted on for so much dress. It just doesn't look natural but it doesn't look intentionally like it should be unnatural either. It sort of reminds me of platic poppies I would get at school for Remembrance Day.

Overall I would have to say columns and maxi lengths looked like they were going strong. One shoulder styles, origami pleating and nude/blush looks new. Was there anyone I missed for your favorite look? I tried to include a few of the ladies I liked, the ladies that were almost there, those who tried new things and those that need to try new things.


rabbit said...

Great commentary.
I really liked hearing your point of view.

Erin said...

Thanks rabbit, I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed!

LBJ said...

Awesome commentary! I also loved Drew, torn a bit by her crazy Valley of the Dolls 'do, but hey: I'm all for a statement.

What enquiring minds really want to know...who did you like least? Can we agree on J Lo?

Erin said...

You pretty much hit the nail on the head, I really couldn't care less for JLo's look, I didn't even see the potential of it. Marchesa or not, it looked like a sparkly gold rag. Also, Ricky Jervais' wife was wearing a printed chiffon dress that didn't look event appropriate at all (more summer on the beach than awards ceremony) but she isn't a celebrity herself so she has a little bit of an excuse. Finally, Heidi Klum's polka dotted number with the giant corsage looked vaguely SATC but hugely dated, plus her shoes gave her dreaded toe overhang.

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