Saturday, December 27, 2008

Steven Alan Housing Works Sale Report

Picture courtesy of The Choosy Beggar

I stopped by the Steven Alan sale at Housing Works in Chelsea around 11 this morning, and there was a lot of women's wear stock. Most shirts and tops were $25-$35, pants and skirts for $30-35, dresses were $60-65, and hot shorts for $15. There were a few special items like cashmere sweaters and dresses for $66-$80. There were only a few fashionistas around while I was there, but I think a lot of girls were there early because the fitting rooms were filled with stuff that had been tried on.

There was a lot of menswear as well, but unfortunately, all of the mens shirts were XL or XXL! There were some coats and jackets in Medium and a few in Small for $125 or so.

The sale lukewarm in my opinion, but it is for a great charity so if you find yourself in the area take a look!

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