Thursday, December 4, 2008

Monochrome Statement

Sandra, Gen Art Business Development
Spotted her at the Gen Art Shop NYC Event because her monochromatic in varying tones of warm gray caught my eye.

She says the boots determined the outfit. She bought the boots first because she loved them, but keeps buying clothes to match the boots.

I say perhaps the boots speak truth? The warm gray leather is such an atypical shade yet it perfectly compliments the tonal color block dress. I love that it's quiet but still a noticeable statement especially in a New York sea of black.

Dress - Eryn BriniƩ
Boots - Frye
Cuff - Unknown, but she has a love of Chunky Bracelets

What's in the shopping back? H Fredriksson in Grey tones of course!


Brittney Bryant said...

oh i have been looking for a pair of grey boots for a while now; those frye ones are great.

Erin said...

Actually I just looked them up and they are the Frye Jane Stitch boots in Slate.

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