Monday, November 17, 2008

Now Wearing...

While I was in Chicago, I found this skirt on clearance for $10! Whenever I buy new clothes, I'm usually really eager to wear it out the next day, so I had to borrow a shirt from a friend since nothing I packed would work.

The shirt my friend had was a wide crop shirt and unfortunately looked really frumpy paired with the skirt. The shirt was too short to tuck in, so with only five minutes to get ready, I used a hairband to pull back and tuck in the shirt, changing the silhouette and creating a cutout in the back. I also rolled up the sleeves and tucked in the collar where my friend had cut a slit to create a V neck.

Gray shirt - American Apparel
Print skirt - Urban Outfitters, which I bought a size smaller so it would sit on my waist rather than my hips
Blue jeans - Uniqlo
Black boots - Vintage
Tan bag - Hayden-Harnett
Taupe scarf - H&M
Green headband - Goody

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