Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello NYC Kitty

Hello Kitty is getting a Luxe New York Home. Apparently, Sanrio is planning a brand new Sanrio Luxe concept shop in Times Square.

The store is located at 233 West 42nd Street and slated to open Nov 11, 2008.

According to WWD:
"The idea behind the new concept is to attract fashion-forward women in their 20s who grew up with the Hello Kitty brand, said Janet Hsu, president of Sanrio global consumer products. The store, which will sell merchandise ranging from an exclusive pack of pencils for $5 to a diamond-encrusted pendant for $30,000, is filled with items that will only be found at the Times Square location."
As iconic as Hello Kitty is I don't have any need to have a lifetime worth of Kitty via Diamonds! But I have a important question to ask Sanrio. If you were a true luxury customer, what on earth would you be doing in Times Square?

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