Sunday, November 9, 2008

Featured Friend - Carla

It's true. New Yorkers love to wear black, especially once it gets cold. Carla's outfit is a perfect example of how to wear all or almost all black. She had on a long black coat pair with a black scarf, black Anna Corinna hang bag, and black L.A.M.B. flats. Carla's a pretty savvy shopper too - found her bag for less on eBay and her flats for $20 in Arizona! $20 for L.A.M.B. Unreal.

Her overall look was cool and classic, but it was her fun and subtle use of olive-colored tights and funky footwear that called for a picture. Triple strap Mary Janes can be difficult to wear without looking like a child or shortening the legs, but Carla made it work by pairing with textured and darker tights.

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